Monday, February 1, 2010

Yikes! It's already February!

That's just ever so slightly scary, isn't it?

Today, I have spent the day weeding the bank between the hedge and the pool fence.  The entire day - it's five o'clock and I'm yet to eat lunch!  And when I say bank,  I actually mean cliff!  I struggled most of the day to maintain my footing, wearing my gardening clogs.  The agapanthus have finished flowering and I was deadheading them as I went along, pulling out the weeds and losing my gloves, which I keep removing because I find them so difficult to use.

Daisy kept arriving to help, then quickly became too hot and had to be accompanied back to the stairs to go inside.

This is where I'm up to - just look at what's coming  up next!  Kikuyu!

I promised myself this morning, I would achieve four bags of rubbish.  And I did, but they were a hard job.  There are five panels of pool fencing and I have finished weeding two!  In the end, I clambered up and weeded in my bare feet - ever mindful of the bitey creepy crawlies, but able to cling on to the slope better.  Then Daisy arrived for the umpteenth time and got stuck on the steps, I turned quickly to see and my left foot slid off down the slope and I did a very undignified splits and saved myself from falling with a quick grab of the fence!

So I have retired, hurt, to the pavilion!  And to add insult to injury, I have just looked in the mirror and have the worst case of hat hair I have ever seen!

Welcome to February!

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