Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Garden gloom

I think my garden has turned against me.

After the rain we've had, one would tend to think that every growing thing should be fighting fit and bursting with good health.  One would be wrong.

I've just spent the last few hours wandering from one visual disaster to another, and here are just a few!

A foxglove with a severe case of droop, with a completely dead aquilegia behind it.

Dismal blackspot on almost every single rose in the garden.

What is this weed?  It has almost completely covered the gravel path in places.  Not to mention in the garden.

This one has spread from the grass into the front garden bed, and is a mass of stems under the mulch.

Take heart, dear!  Look at the lovely, healthy looking shoots on the Troilus rose!  So much taller than the old growth.  What's that?  They're coming from under the ground?  And the ones on St Cecilia?  Oh, same thing, eh?

Better go get the secateurs.

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