Friday, October 24, 2014

Yellow . . .

DA Graham Thomas

Iris bought on eBay

Peace - we sure need some in the world at the moment, don't we?

Jean Galbraith

DA Charlotte

Not exactly yellow - Crepuscule coming into flower, it's totally outgrown and destroyed the crappy archway

And a bit of purple on the side -

Clematis on the verandah post with DA Leander

Buddleia alternifolia - love the way the flowers spiral around the stem

And something that's making me blue -

Our Ewan McGregor - chasing rabbits is a dangerous sport.  He has ruptured another cruciate ligament - right one this time, left one two years ago with long-lasting consequences.  He had an operation to repair it last week and is confined to his crate or to the verandah, for maybe up to six weeks.

One day I will add up how much this dog has cost me over the years.  Then again, maybe I won't . . .