Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ahh winter . . .

when there's just nothing to be done in the garden.

Hang on, I'd better just check that in the Womens Weekly Guide To Doing Nothing In The Garden In Winter -

"Paragraph 1 - Roses must be pruned now."


"Paragraph 2 - Spring bulbs will be coming up at this time and care must be taken when stepping into the garden bed to avoid damaging the delicate growth."

But I have to walk on them - how else will I know where they are?

"Paragraph 3 - Now is a good time to get on top of the perennial weeds in the garden.  Weeding must continue at a good pace at this time of the year."

Sigh. . .

Okay, time to take off the hibernation suit (i.e. dressing gown and slippers) and do some work.

Look what my lovely children gave me for my birthday!  I find myself just staring at the yellowness of the daffodil flowers - it is just the most yellow of yellows.  They are gorgeous.  And Olive the orchid (for she needed a name!) has the dearest little oriental face in each of her flowers.  I love them, thank you kids! :o)

And I love freebies!!  And here are two which arrived on my front verandah last week!  Rescued from the Council roadside cleanup by my walking friend, who dearly wanted them for her own verandah but was told in no uncertain terms by her husband that there are already too many chairs on their verandah and that these were not welcome.  So they came to me, just at the right time of the year, when the morning sun streams in onto the verandah and a cup of tea there has become a morning ritual.  Except that I'm lucky if I get a seat!

Thanks boys!  What a shaggy pair of dogs - they need good haircuts and around here, all they get are bad ones!

A hot air balloon company has started having their early morning flights take off from the golf course at the end of our street, and on a number of occasions lately, I've stepped out the front door to hear voices - above me!  It's so amazing, there's just no sound of the balloon, just the people in it talking!

Speaking of talking, here is how you stop talking on your iPhone.  You put it on the roof of the car while you put things in and forget it and drive away and it falls off and another car comes along and runs over it and when you find it and pick it up, except for phone calls, everything else still works - in a sort of fashion.

Okay, time to go pruning!  I'll just take the Band-aids with me.  Wish me luck.