Wednesday, January 27, 2010


The home grown tomatoes are in the oven.  Considering that the plants (there is a variety of them, from tiny grape-sized ones to fat romas) have NEVER been sprayed or dusted or even, for that matter, tied up to stakes, I was amazed that not one fruit had anything suspect in it - no livestock inside at all!

Hooray for organic gardening!

Some of them were just so perfect, I had to take their photo before I sliced them in half.

Here they all are before they went into an oven set at 115 degrees Celsius.

They've only been there for about twenty minutes and already I am drooling from the smell.  Even my brand new herb plants got into the act - there were enough sprigs on the thyme to snip a few, together with pieces of the rosemary.  Yum, can't wait till they're done!

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