Monday, February 8, 2010

Okay, rain's been lovely but I think we've had enough now

When we were kids growing up in Dorrigo, where the potatoes grew, and more potatoes grew, we used to sing a song at Sunday School about the foolish man who built his house on the sand and the wise man who built his house on the rocks and the consequences of their actions when the floods came.  And as simple country kids, we used to sing with great gusto "The rains came down, and the spuds came up!" (Meant to be 'floods').

Well, I've been singing that song all weekend!

And now it's Monday and I'm out in the garden singing "and the weeds came up"!  But it's so nice that the ground is damp and the weed removal is, at least, easier.

I picked up my latest online auction purchases on Friday.  10 Angel Face roses which I'm thinking I might put along the eastern side of the driveway.

Pretty things, aren't they!

But look at this one!  What the . . . . ?

Even before it started raining, we had been suffering through humidity up in the 80-90% range.  It's been just so uncomfortable.  Everything feels damp, especially me.  And of course, all the roses are showing signs of the dreaded blackspot.

Our extended period of hot, dry weather has sadly claimed some victims in the garden.  Here is an English Box that I have had in this big terracotta pot for years.

Sadly, it is not looking like it's going to recover!  Also, the pot on the verandah has in it a pink mandevilla vine which was the pride of my mother when she lived in her unit.  I brought it here when she moved, carefully re-potted it into the big terracotta pot and it was growing up the verandah post mixed up with the Leander rose.  I'm not going to tell her that it's died!

I think this is Mr Lincoln.  The blooms are like red velvet.

And Lucetta keeps on flowering.  Love it!

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