Friday, June 15, 2012

Amazing . . .

I have made it to Grandmotherhood!!!

My dear son and daughter in law, after a very long and tortuous day of labour, welcomed into their lives the gift of a son.  He was born by forceps delivery, just before a caesarian was ordered, at 8 o'clock last night, weighing 7 lb 12 ozs.  Just a lovely size.

This is this morning's photograph.  Look at that blissful innocence.  Look at that nasty forceps mark.  My first thought was that he looks so much like his mummy, but then I found this very first photo of my son and I think there is definitely a good resemblance there.

I couldn't believe how much the years in a frame had faded this photo.  You can clearly see the circle that has been exposed.  I finished knitting that little blue cardigan while in hospital after his birth and he wore it home.  I still have it.

It was such a long day yesterday, waiting for the phone to ring with the good news.  I wasn't relaxed for a single moment and I got to thinking that that must have been how it was for my mother.  When I was in the labour ward all those years ago, was my mum at home, all on edge, nervous with anticipation and worry at the same time?  One thing I do know is that at the time, I was totally oblivious of it and probably would have been cross with her if she'd told me.  After yesterday, I understand so much better.  How I wish she was here to see meet her new great-grandson.  And how my dad would have loved him, his grandkids were so special to my dad, so sad that he never got to meet any great-grandkids.

And because I never believe in doing things poorly or by half measure, I have got myself the worst possible dose of flu.  I spent last weekend (a gloomy, rainy holiday weekend!) in bed and by Tuesday was taking 2 different antibiotics and I'm still coughing and coughing.  I've got so much congestion that my breath bubbles in my chest.

So consequently, I am most saddened to say that I don't expect to be able to squeeze and smooch this precious new person for some time yet.  Everyone else is telling me when they are going for a visit and I can't go.  Why me?