Saturday, May 8, 2010

A quick visit to the land of make-believe!

We had quite an adventure today!

Mike got a phone call early in the past week, asking if we would be interested in Channel 7 using our VW Kombi for filming of the series 'Packed to the Rafters'.  So this morning, we drove to the location where the Rafters 'live' and after much waiting around, truckloads of gear arrived and were unpacked and set up and shortly afterwards, the stars arrived and the fun began.

What was actually being filmed, I think, is a promo for the series that will be shown next year.  It entailed the Rafters packing into the Kombi for a holiday away somewhere.  And it entailed all the cast lining up, each laden with what they wanted to take on holidays with them and on the call of 'action', they all rushed to the side of the Kombi, only to be turned away by 'Dad' Rafter.  There was a baby bath and bouncinette, a folding cot, a playgym and multiple packs of disposable nappies, (remember there was a new addition to the family last year?), banana lounges, picnic baskets, fishing rods, surfboards, eskies, golfclubs, picnic tables, footballs, bags and baskets and all the paraphernalia that could possibly be required for a trip - you know, getting away from it all and taking it all with you!

They yelled 'Quiet on the set!' and I had to muffle my laughter!

And why was I laughing?  Because I suddenly realised what we must look like when we go away on holidays in the Kombi!

Anyway, it was great fun and will be on television in about three weeks time.  So keep a look out for it!

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