Monday, May 31, 2010

More rain!

This weather is starting to make me laugh.  I read on the SMH website this morning "City has it's wettest May in seven years, with more to come".  I wish that meant more May to come - this is the last day of the month and next month, i.e. tomorrow, means that the year is as good as half gone.  :o< (that's meant to look like the face of someone who's just heard some news they found quite appalling!)

This is what happens at our house when the nasty weather rolls in from the south.  And has it ever been rolling in - I wake up in the morning to the sound of rain on the roof, okay, no walking this morning; by the time my cereal is in the bowl, it's sunny; finish my breakfast and open the door, it's raining - I can watch the next shower of rain sweeping in from the south over the village, along past the Heights, disappearing to the north over Wollemi National Park and turn around again to see the next shower sweeping in from the south.

The bulbs are all coming up!

The jonquils in the front garden even have a bud.

I'm sure these are snowdrops, but they must be multiplying because I sure didn't plant nearly as many as this!

The persimmon tree is starting to lose it's leaves.

And because it is raining, that means I am washing.  Who else in the wide world washes their clothes when it's raining?  My craziness comes from only having tank water.  When it's raining and water is going into the tank, then I can happily be taking water out again.  And to add to the completeness of my lunacy, when I am washing, I am also watering the garden!  Do you get this picture?  It starts to rain, so I start to wash, I collect my washing water and I water the garden.  But it's already raining on the garden.  The neighbours shake their heads.

Have I ever explained that my garden is only watered with rainwater and greywater?  I have never had the luxury of hoses and sprinklers in this garden.  My wash water is bucketed onto my plants, suds and all.  Consequently some plants in my garden are never watered.  My only exception is my herb garden and my bay tree in a pot.  They don't get watered with greywater for fairly obvious reasons.

The next shower of rain has just rolled through, pitter-pattering onto the glass of the back door.  There's not much else to do but sit by the fire and knit, or maybe google some waterproof blinds to hang outside the back door to keep the rain off.  That is, until the next load of washing is finished and it's time to water the garden again!

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