Monday, March 22, 2010

What's in the garden today

Well, not me unfortunately.

No, not quite true - I did spend a couple of hours this morning spraying toxic poison on the weeds!  Sometimes, pulling them out just doesn't work.  And obviously bad things happen in our shed because the spray bottle that I use wouldn't work either.  It was working fine when I put it away last time, now it won't hold the pressure when you pump the thingy on the top.  So I had to spray and pump at the same time.

Aumann clematis on the archway.  Nice.

Jean Galbraith, complete with dead heads and black spot.  Hmmm.

ENORMOUS caterpillars on the gardenia.  They've nearly eaten every leaf.  Crikey!

I used to think this was Angel Face.  Now I'm wondering if it is Blueberry Hill.  Lovely.

Abraham Darby.  How many petals!  More than lovely.

The rest of the day, I have spent inside.  First I shampooed two stinky doggies and then I've continued quilting the first of the quilts.  It is taking me forever.  Sigh.

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