Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday again

The first of the quilts is finished!

When I first concocted the idea of making this pair of matching quilts, I thought to myself 'I'll make a pair of matching quilts, nothing complicated, just something quick'.  What is that sound I can hear?  Why, it's the sound of quilters the world over, laughing like drains.  The moment you think they're going to be uncomplicated and quick, they turn into the absolute opposite.  And I'm going to get in first and admit that I have been less than careful and accurate and that I have committed great quilting transgressions with this first one - including trying to quilt it with the backing fabric only minutely larger than the quilt top, and ending up with one corner where the backing didn't reach the edge of the border and was therefore fudged with an extra bit of backing.  Dreadful!

We have a new resident at the Kurrajong garden!

His name is Merlin - now Merlin the Great or Merlin McTavish or Merlin McDougall.  He is 9 years old and a purebred Cairn Terrier.  He was rescued from the pound 2 years ago and rehomed with a lady who neglected him badly - despite being a house dog, he's been locked outside for the last 2 years and when she surrendered him back to the rescue organisation, he was matted and flea ridden and with 'dry eye' which hadn't been treated for 2 years.  So he's been in a foster house for the last month, learning how to live inside again.  We saw him on the rescue website on Friday evening, rang them up and he was ours by lunchtime Saturday.

He is an absolute sweetheart, calm as can be, doesn't bark, LOVES his food and is getting on nicely with our Daisy and Ewan McGregor.

Welcome to our garden, Merlin!  We love you already.

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