Friday, October 24, 2014

Yellow . . .

DA Graham Thomas

Iris bought on eBay

Peace - we sure need some in the world at the moment, don't we?

Jean Galbraith

DA Charlotte

Not exactly yellow - Crepuscule coming into flower, it's totally outgrown and destroyed the crappy archway

And a bit of purple on the side -

Clematis on the verandah post with DA Leander

Buddleia alternifolia - love the way the flowers spiral around the stem

And something that's making me blue -

Our Ewan McGregor - chasing rabbits is a dangerous sport.  He has ruptured another cruciate ligament - right one this time, left one two years ago with long-lasting consequences.  He had an operation to repair it last week and is confined to his crate or to the verandah, for maybe up to six weeks.

One day I will add up how much this dog has cost me over the years.  Then again, maybe I won't . . .


  1. Oh Juliet. Your garden!!! All that yellow really is cheery. Poor Ewan. My little Pancake tore his ACL earlier this year. How do we explain to them that it's a bad idea to run like a manic up the hill?

  2. Hello Connie!

    Your Pancake and our Ewan could be good mates, couldn't they? They could hobble along together like a pair of old codgers! I'll be very surprised if Ewan can run much at all after this.

    I'm glad you liked the 'yellow'. It is cheery, and everything is flowering like crazy at the moment, now that we've had some rain. I was beginning to think it had forgotten how to . . .

  3. Oh poor Ewan … he looks exceedingly displeased with his incarceration … but on the upside the garden looks great :0)

  4. Hi Juliet! So nice of you to stop by my blog again. Grandchildren! Aren't you lucky!! I got such a late start having children that it will be some time before I ever see grandchildren. Yup. Getting old is not for sissies - as the old saying goes. So how is your garden these days? You're heading into Fall. My favorite season. XXOO

  5. Hello Juliet... I'm a keen gardener too. Love roses, jasmine...
    and your dear little dog, a Westie?
    I've got 2 cocker spaniels who love the beaches and sea where I live in Brixham, England.
    You have a lovely blog.
    Visited today via
    you can catch up at http://
    I'm a tweeter, are you? @cazsBooks
    GrannyCaz to 4...