Thursday, September 12, 2013

Just asking . . . .

. . . . are you okay?

12 September - National R U OK? Day


  1. Yes indeedy, though struggling a little bit with being an empty nester, the more I say it the more I become accustomed to it. Glad you R OK to. xxx

  2. I cried for weeks as each of my kids left home. It's a surreal feeling and I absolutely understand your struggle. It gets better but there's always a little nostalgic longing for the time when they were with you. I'm glad you're okay, Rae xxx

  3. Oh how sweet. I've never heard of this day. I am fine. I got a good haircut today. My haircuts don't always turn out this good so happily I am A OK. R U OK?? Such a Pretty Flower. What is it?

  4. So glad you're okay, Connie and that your haircut turned out to be a good one!! Don't get me started on all the bad haircuts I've had over the last few years . . .

    Somehow our world has got to the stage where too many people decide that suicide is the solution to their struggles. R U OK Day gives us a reminder to ask our nearest and dearest or just anyone "Are you okay?" and maybe start a conversation that spares another family from the tragedy of suicide. Shame we have to have a specific day to be reminded to do this.

    It's a clematis, Connie. It's growing on an archway over our side gate. It's got to be the toughest clematis I've ever grown as my neglect of it is criminal! Still it soldiers on and is just coming into flower. Glad you like it xxx