Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Oh boy, I don't need this . . . .

So much for me talking about critters this morning!!!

I weeded out there for quite a while, then decided to come in for a coffee.  Had just made it and sat down to relax, could hear Merlin coming galumphing up the back stairs, but didn't pay too much attention till he walked past me here at the computer - with a KICKING RABBIT IN HIS MOUTH!  I promptly yelled at him to take it outside, he figured he was in big trouble and dropped the rabbit on the lounge room floor!

Rabbit lies there twitching and Merlin does a bolt back outside.  I go in search of Ewan McGregor - he is tearing around outside looking for the rabbit.  Will he come in?  Not on your nellie!!  I got the lead and encouraged him to come inside which he eventually does.  I say "Get the rabbit!"  He tries to go back outside.  No, no, it's in there!  He tears around the corner into the lounge room, almost runs past the prostrate rabbit but then sees it, grabs it, it squeals, he half drags it, half carried it not outside, oh no, but down the hall towards the bedroom!!!  I scream, he drops it and also does the bolt.

I stand outside on the back verandah for a while and contemplate life in general and the finer details of the ad I will put into the paper to advertise two dogs for sale .

Then I arm myself with my trusty old hoe and a bucket from the laundry and after giving the rabbit a nudge with the hoe to check that it was in fact now a late departed rabbit (which I'm relieved to say was the case) I manoeuvred the carcass into the bucket and carried the bucket on the end of the hoe handle outside where all good rabbits should be.

Came back inside and drank my getting cold coffee.

The dogs?  Well, they are still tearing around outside looking for the rabbit . . . 


  1. Eeeek....it's not safe inside or out....perhaps you should move into a high rise apartment...then you'll only have to worry about cockroaches!!!!

  2. P.S. You sure have got your moneys worth out of that hoe ;0)