Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Excuse me . . .

where did May go?  Did I have a snooze and missed it?  No, I was just in a brain funk with no mental capacity for blogging.

So here it is - June - winter!  Today is blustery and quite chilly, but one of those gems of a day where the air is as clear as can be.

Here's a quick once around this morning's garden . . .

Wintery Crepuscule on the archway.

Wintery Iceberg - sheltered on the northern side of the house, they NEVER stop flowering.

Wintery Brother Cadfael - huge blousey blooms.

Mme Isaac Pereire - a lovely bourbon I bought last year from Mistydowns.

Wintery Abraham Darby - is this the best rose ever?

Wintery Blueberry Hill (?)

You KNOW it's winter when the wattle starts to flower!

Ditto  with the zygo cactus.  These were my mum's, still sitting on the stand she had them on at the retirement village.

And when I took the camera round to get a shot of them, one of the fish in the pond was on top of the weed.  My goodness, how big are they getting - it must be nearly time to throw a line in!

The mulberry tree has lost all it's leaves and I strolled down yesterday to check out the wound where it split so badly - yikes!

Isn't that gross!!  Suffice to say, they are no more!

See Ewan McGregor in the background, standing on the new concrete under the back verandah?  The guys had just finished making it all lovely and smooth on Monday, when Mr McGregor got it in his head he needed to go outside.  Doggie footprints right across the entire slab - had to be all smoothed again!  Bad dog!

I'm having a battle today with an ADSL light which is either flashing or completely off - makes uploading photos very difficult, slow and frustrating.  I've paid my bill - now where's my dependable internet service??  Grrr!

Let's end on a happy note - today is my daughter's birthday!!  Happy birthday, sweetheart!

Sigh!  Seems like only yesterday . . .

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