Friday, April 9, 2010

Bye quilts

Today, I took to the post office two quilts, neatly folded, which were stuffed into a postage bag and posted to a far away destination.  They are gone!

I wish I could say I am happy with how they turned out.  I am however very happy that they are finished.

We bought this dining table on eBay.  It is made from recycled floor boards.  How convenient that there is a large hole in the timber where I was sitting, stitching the binding.  I always knew where my scissors were!

This is my Auntie.  She is the last surviving sibling of my dear old dad.  She still lives in the house she moved into on the occasion of her marriage to my uncle.

My auntie is now approaching 98.  She has been married over 70 years.  She broke her shoulder late last year, falling off a ladder while sweeping down cobwebs!  I do so hope that the quilts keep their feet warm through the upcoming winter.  They may not have been made with great accuracy, but they were made with love.

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