Friday, September 25, 2009

What's new in the garden today

Everything is soo dusty after Wednesday's storm! The plants are coated, the verandah has changed from silvery grey to red and the driveway is now terracotta! They are kind of predicting more dust so I'm not sure if it's worth starting to clean everything yet.

The clematis I planted on the archway over the side gate has it's first flowers. Such a lovely thing, a beautiful colour but like everything else at the moment, tinged with a coating of red dust! It's called Aumann, which I believe is an Australian bred clematis. I had another in the garden at Castle Hill called The President - it was stunning! I loved it.

The other side of the archway has a Crepuscule rose growing on it, it has been knocked about by all the galeforce winds of late but surprisingly has a lot of buds coming. In front of the Crepuscule is a little patch of tiger lilies coming up, I hope that they flower this summer, I grew them from seed from a tiger lily bulb bought online on eBay. I LOVE getting little parcels of plants in the mail, it's like Christmas everday!

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